Fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers

Fraser Valley Fire Protection sells and services all classifications of portable and wheeled fire extinguisher units, fire hoses and hose cabinets, safety storage cabinets, hose cabinets and fire hoses for institutions, businesses, and industries.

We maintain a large inventory of replacement parts for all major brands so that our recharge turn-around time is minimal. Our complete testing facility enables us to provide prompt and accurate hydrostatic testing, recharging and repairing industrial cylinders, fire hoses and CO2 cylinders and extinguishers.

Fire sprinklers


Fraser Valley Fire Protection sprinkler division is a fully staffed department experienced in the design, fabrication and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems for any application. Our inhouse design staff utilizes specialized CAD software to design and hydraulically calculate systems that meet today’s fire protection codes.

We also install all system components, including wet, dry, deluge, antifreeze and pre-action systems; fire pumps; underground piping; water storage tanks and fire hydrants.

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Fraser Valley Fire Protection is an authorized dealer and installer of Vigilant Fire and Security systems and other fire alarm brands, including Mircom, Potter and Fire-Lite.

Whether it is a new installation, system upgrade, repair or an add-on to an existing system, our certified technicians are qualified to design and layout the appropriate hardware for the a one zone to fully addressable multi-building system complete with monitoring.

kitchen suppression system

Kitchen Suppression

A kitchen suppression system is a must for any restaurant or kitchen preparing large quantities of food or any other location where high heat and cooking oil come together. Use our kitchen suppression expertise to help recommend a system, install a system, or to service your system so it’s always ready in case of fire.

We also are available to provide scheduled hydrostatic testing and recharging, to ensure your kitchen suppression system is operating at optimum level.

Special Suppression System

Special Suppression

To protect industrial and commercial industries from fire, choose a special fire suppression system from Fraser Valley Fire Protection.

Our Fire suppression systems are designed to protect building occupants from fire erupting from the use or storage of flammable liquids, from high temperature enclosed areas, and from the operation of machinery in an enclosed space such as paint spray booths, dip tanks, paint mixing areas, mechanical rooms, machinery spaces and other confined spaces where fire can erupt.

Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

In the event of a power outage due to fire, weather or any other number of events, emergency incandescent or LED lighting illuminates safety exit routes so building occupants can safely and quickly exit a building.

Fraser Valley Fire Protection has years of experience designing and installing emergency lighting for commercial and residential properties and can recommend the right layout and lighting choices and install emergency lighting for your building.

Fire Hydrants

Don’t take a chance on improperly installed, leaking, damaged or frozen fire hydrants during a fire. Make sure they are fully functional when ever they are called into duty. Let us supply, install and maintain your fire hydrants.

We’ll make sure your fire hydrants are always on-the-ready in case of an emergency can can help install, winterize, inspect and test or repair fire hydrants.

Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventers

Make sure your building only receives clean, contaminant-free drinking water with a properly installed and maintained backflow preventer. These devises keep sewer line waste, chemicals and gases from entering a building’s fresh water supply.

Fraser Valley Fire Protection can help inspect, test or repair backflow preventers for municipalities, apartment buildings, high-rises, commercial buildings, restaurants and hotels.

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