Portable Fire Extinguishers

What Inspections Do my Portable Fire Extinguishers Require?

BC Fire Code Section 6.2 and NFPA 10 require periodic testing of portable fire extinguishers throughout the year. These include: 


  • Confirm the fire extinguisher is installed in the designated location, is correctly mounted and is not obstructed.
  • The operating instructions affixed to the fire extinguisher are legible and facing outwards.
  • Tamper seals are not broken or missing.
  • Confirm the pressure gauge is in the normal range.
  • Ensure ‘fullness’ of extinguisher. (Determine by hefting or weighing).
  • Ensure there is no physical damage and that the hose or nozzle is not clogged.


  • Empty and refill any stored pressure fire extinguishers.
  • Carry out a conductivity test on all carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

Additional Tests

  • Every five years, CO2 and wet chemical fire extinguishers require hydrostatic testing.
  • Every six years, dry chemical extinguishers require recharging.
  • Every twelve years, dry chemical fire extinguishers require hydrostatic testing.
Fire extinguisher

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