Fire Alarm Services

Peace of mind, even when you can’t be there.

At Fraser Valley Fire Protection, we provide 24/7 centralized monitoring services for your newly installed or existing ULC-listed fire alarm and sprinkler system. We can install complete fire alarm systems from zone to fully addressable multi-building systems.

If you would like to learn more about our monitoring services or set-up round-the-clock fire alarm or sprinkler monitoring for your building or place of business, contact us.

ULC-monitored Fire Alarms

Are you meeting the by-law requirements for your fire system installations?  Vancouver and North Vancouver have by-laws that mandate ULC-monitored fire alarms. Not only does this certification reduce risk exposure for insurance providers, it also helps government bodies ensure the safety of life and property . ULC-certificated alarm systems are proven to have faster response times and fewer false alarms than non-certificated systems. Let Fraser Valley Fire Protection help you ensure your system is up to code and keeping your property safe.

What Inspections Does my Fire Alarm System Require?

BC Fire Code Section 6.3, CAN/ULC S536 and NFPA 72 require periodic testing of fire alarm equipment throughout the year. These include: – 


  • Visual inspection of ‘common trouble’ and ‘power on’ indicators


  • Visual inspection of the system batteries to ensure there is no corrosion.
  • Confirming the fire alarm panel power lamp is illuminated.
  • Ensure the fire alarm system’s trouble indicator is functional.
  • Activation of one manual pullstation (on a rotational basis) and that all of the audible signals (Bells and buzzers) sound.
  • Confirmation that the correct zone is enunciated at the fire alarm panel for the activated device.
  • If the building is equipped with fire phones and an emergency paging system, one circuit from each must be tested on a rotational basis.
  • Record tests results on monthly testing form.


  • Activation of supervisory devices.
  • Activation of waterflow devices.
  • Testing of ‘Radiant Energy Fire Detectors. (If applicable).

Annual Inspections are Carried out by qualified technicians

  • Fire alarm control panel and annunciators.
  • Stand-by battery load tests.
  • Functional test of all devices connected to the fire alarm system. (Smoke and heat detectors, manual pullstations, flow switches etc.). As per code, all equipment MUST be tested on an annual basis.
  • Confirmation of correct zonal annunciation of field devices.
  • Any auxiliary and ancillary functions. (Monitoring, elevator recall, door releases etc.).
  • Where applicable, testing of paging systems and fire phones.

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