Hydrant Services

Fire Hydrants and Backflow Preventer Services

Fire Hydrants

Don’t take a chance on improperly installed, leaking, damaged or frozen fire hydrants during a fire. Make sure they are fully functional – whenever they are called into duty.

Let us supply, install and maintain your fire hydrants. We’ll make sure your fire hydrants are always ready in case of an emergency. We can help install, winterize, inspect and test or repair fire hydrants.

Backflow Preventers

Make sure your building only receives clean, contaminant-free drinking water with a properly installed and maintained backflow preventer. Backflow preventers keep sewer line waste, chemicals and gases from entering a building’s fresh water supply.

Fraser Valley Fire Protection can help inspect, test or repair backflow preventers for municipalities, apartment buildings, high-rises, commercial buildings, restaurants and hotels.

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