24 hour ULC Monitoring

24 hour ULC Monitoring

Are you meeting the by-law requirements for your fire system installations?  Vancouver and North Vancouver have by-laws that mandate ULC monitored fire alarms in residential buildings, and other communities are reviewing their requirements.

Not only does ULC-certification reduce risk exposure for insurance providers, it also helps government bodies ensure the safety of life and property. ULC-certificated alarm systems are proven to have faster response times and fewer false alarms than non-certificated systems.

We provide our own installation, support and monitoring. Unlike many alarm companies that outsource monitoring; our locally-run ULC monitoring centre operators are familiar with the locations and understand the risks impacting our clients in the Lower Mainland and Southern British Columbia resulting in better compliance and  more efficient response times.

Fraser Valley Fire Protection specializes in ULC monitoring for security, sprinklers and fire alarm systems to keep your property compliant and safe. Let us help protect your investment by ensuring your system is monitored and up to code.

24/7 full-service security

Working in partnership, Fraser Valley Fire Detection and Hunt Security offer full-service security 24/7. Our professional operators monitor all aspects of building security and fire safety, including two-stage fire alarms, automatic sprinkler systems, elevators, security cameras and intrusion detection.

We offer comprehensive monitoring services certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories of Canada, our central monitoring station complies with the most demanding industry standards. As a member of the Canadian Alarm and Security Association, and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) we provide the highest standards for installations and service.

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